Athens city sightseeing places

Athens is packed with fantastic city sightseeing places. Most come to see the ancient marvels with their own eyes, but you can also include a few modern sights on your list. Some of the best Athens city sightseeing places include the Acropolis hill and its ancient ruins, the best known of which is of course the Parthenon temple. At the foot of the hill, there is the ultramodern new Acropolis museum, which eagerly awaits the Elgin marbles back home from the British Museum, so far without any success. The old Plaka district is also one of the most beloved Athens sightseeing places, and rightfully so. There you can enjoy shopping, quality lunch and dining as well as marvel at the ancient streets and the old buildings. Everyone can easily make his/her very own list of the must-see Athens city sightseeing places.